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Product Preview: Toro Dingo® TXL2000

Mar 02, 2018  |   Rental

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Currently in the final stages of development and testing, Toro will be expanding their compact utility loader product offering through the introduction of the brand-new Toro® Dingo® TXL2000. Available in late 2018, the TXL2000 represents a continuation of 20 years of dedication and innovation of the Toro Dingo and the compact utility loader (CUL) design. As the original pioneer of the CUL in the North American marketplace, the development of the TXL2000 was based on feedback from end users.

In addition to an impressive rated operating capacity (ROC), the TXL2000 also features many of the same benefits of a standard compact utility loader, including a compact footprint, superior visibility, and outstanding accessibility for mounting and dismounting the machine.

Additionally, the new TXL2000 features telescoping loader arms to provide optimum versatility and streamline operations on the jobsite. This is especially useful in instances where extended reach is important to operator safety. For example, the telescoping arms allow operators to load and unload materials from either side of a flatbed, or backfilling hard to reach areas like the far side of a retaining wall. 

The TXL2000 features easy-to-use and intuitive controls, accommodating operators of all skill levels. In terms of versatility, the new TXL2000 is compatible with multiple attachments, making this an ideal choice for a variety of tasks in the field.


Formore information on the TXL2000 or other Toro products, please visit the website.


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