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Real Madrid C.F. Purchases First Toro® Outcross® 9060 Sold in Europe

New multi-purpose utility vehicle to be used at training complex in Valdebebas, Spain

May 14, 2019  |   Sports Fields & Grounds

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Real Madrid C.F. has a new tool to help the grounds team “do more with less” at its training complex in Valdebebas, Spain. The Club’s director of grounds and environment, Paul Burgess, has purchased the first Toro® Outcross® 9060 sold in Europe from Toro distributor Riversa. This new multi-purpose turf utility vehicle offers year-round flexibility for a wide range of tasks, both on the facility’s 13 training pitches and around its extensive grounds.

As the largest sports franchises in the world, Real Madrid requires a significant turf maintenance effort for its stadium and training facilities. The training complex alone is situated on approximately 1.2 million square meters of land with plenty of potential applications for the versatile Outcross 9060.

“Innovating, testing and betting on new technologies are three of the principles that guide Paul Burgess in his daily work as the head of maintenance of all the sports facilities of Real Madrid,” explains Anthony Nadalin, Toro senior marketing manager. “Therefore, he has not hesitated to be the first to work with the Toro Outcross 9060. Paul told us he saw the Outcross at a couple of international fairs, and he is very excited to finally have it in Valdebebas to experience all its potential.”

Designed to do the work of several pieces of equipment, the Outcross 9060 combines the capabilities of a tractor and a super-duty utility vehicle in one machine. Its balanced design, four-wheel steer and four-wheel drive make it extremely gentle on turf, while a 3-point hitch, drawbar, cargo bed and front loader allow all-season use.

A multitude of Toro and third-party attachments can also be added to the Outcross 9060 for different tasks. For instance, Outcross owners can mow grass, spread fertilizer or seed, load sand, haul a pallet of sod, aerate, topdress, clear debris, remove snow and ice, tow a trailer, sweep a path and much more. In addition, the Outcross has a second seat for an extra laborer or trainer to ride along.

Ease of use is another advantage of the Outcross 9060. The unit features intuitive automotive-style controls and the ability to set up and save the operating parameters for up to 16 attachments to ensure consistent performance among operators of different skill levels. According to Burgess, this was one of the reasons he decided to purchase the Outcross. “We have more than 60 workers in the sports facilities at Valdebebas with varying degrees of experience,” he says. “The features of the Outcross manage to compensate for that and ensure consistent work from all.”

“Ciudad Real Madrid is the perfect place for the Outcross 9060’s European debut,” says Noah Wahl, global product manager at Toro. “Paul Burgess and his team are at the forefront of turf care, with their strong commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible management practices. The Outcross 9060 is an excellent addition to help them get the most out of their resources, and we are honored that they chose to add it to their fleet.”

The sale of the Outcross 9060 to Real Madrid is timely news, as Riversa, Toro’s distributor in Spain has just launched an “Outcross Roadshow” demo tour throughout Spain. The tour is scheduled to make stops at 20 major golf and sports facilities during the spring and summer of 2019.

For more information about the Toro Outcross 9060, visit toro.com or contact your local Toro distributor.For more information on Toro Outcross road show in Spain, please visit:  https://riversa.es/outcrosstevisita/.

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