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Powered by Battery; Fueled by Toro: New Toro® 60V* Battery-Powered Heavy-Duty Walk-Behind Mower Meets Demands of Lawncare Professionals

New battery-powered mower will help lawncare pros transition to zero-emissions fleet of mowers and yard tools; delivers on durability, power, and productivity

Oct 23, 2020  |   Professional Contractor

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BLOOMINGTON, Minn.  The switch is on. Across the United States and Canada, a growing number of municipalities and professionals are gearing up to make the change to battery-powered lawn care equipment as performance expectations begin to meet and exceed expectations. Toro is ready to answer the call with a fleet of low noise, low exhaust and powerful professional battery equipment.

With the new Toro 60V 21-inch Commercial Heavy-Duty Mower, professionals can be ready to transition to an emission-free lawncare fleet of mowers and tools in the years ahead. The launch of the revolutionary 60V commercial mower is the start to a complete game-changing commercial product line-up. It is just the beginning, From Start To Finish™.

“We are excited about our investments in technology,” said Mitch Hoffman, marketing manager. “By leveraging our 100 years of customer-focused product development, we are building an ecosystem of powerful commercial electric products. This 60V heavy duty mower that cuts and performs as well as the gas cousins is just the start!”

Without sacrificing any of the power, durability or reliability that you’ve come to expect from Toro, the new Toro 60V Heavy-Duty mower is powered with Toro’s proven 60-Volt, 7.5 Amp-hour battery that puts out a whopping 405 Watts per hour to deliver the productivity that lawncare pros demand.

Make no mistake about it – this new commercial mower from Toro is a powerful tool for lawncare pros focused on getting the job done right and fast. It’s easy-to-replace 60V battery design allows you to go all day without missing a beat, delivering perfect green ribbons and crisp, clean-cut edges.

Built for today’s environmentally aware lawncare professionals, the Toro 60V Heavy-Duty mower delivers zero-emissions and quiet performance while giving lawncare professionals the dependable quality cut that their customers expect.

Prepare for the Transition

Many landscape and lawncare pros already use battery-powered yard tools, such as Toro’s 60V family of yard tools including leaf blowers, chainsaws, and edge trimmers. With the new Toro 60V Heavy-Duty mower, lawncare pros can begin to diversify their fleet with reliable battery power that leverages Toro’s 100 years of expertise in lawn care.

The new 60V mower features an on-board power meter with 4 LEDs so you always know how much power you have left. With spare interchangeable batteries, you can run all day long. What’s more: this battery can be utilized with other Toro 60V lawn tools and equipment, such as leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, weed trimmers, and battery chainsaws. Our Li-Ion 60V Rapid Battery Charger provides complete charges within just 75 minutes.

At the same time, you’ll begin to realize an immediate return on your investment (ROI), including:

  • Zero downtime due to changing oil, air filters and other mechanical maintenance. The battery powerhead is easy to use and doesn’t require regular maintenance like a gas mower.
  • Easy-to-change 60V batteries – when battery runs out of power, just pop in a spare.
  • Zero exhaust.
  • Reduced sound – significantly reduced sound compared to a typical 21-inch gas walk behind mower

Powerful Quiet

Make no mistake, while our new 60V (Model 22282) 21-inch Heavy-Duty Mower is quiet, allowing pros to get to work earlier and work in sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and corporate campuses, it is a sheer brut in delivering the power you need to get the job done right the first time.

For more than 100 years, our engineers have been designing walk-behind mowers that help lawncare professionals not only deliver the perfect cut – but increase their productivity, too. We’ve put that expertise and experience to work with this new 60V machine, designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s pinched-for-time landscape contractors.

The Toro 60V is built with a variable-speed self-propelled rear-wheel drive and a brushless DC motor. The brushless motor delivers a blade speed of up to15,309 feet per minute (at 2800 RPM) with our 21-inch steel-forged razor-sharp blades – the same great cut available in our gas-powered walk-behind models – so you won’t be missing a thing.

To get you from one job to the next faster, our rear-wheel drive wheels are built with tough co-polymer and precision ball bearings for long life with less downtime and lower replacement costs. And yet, our mower’s large 9-inch x 2-inch wheels provides a tip-toe turf friendly footprint, so it won’t look like a herd of bulls just trashed someone’s yard.

Unmatched Commercial-Grade Cut

With Toro’s patented Recycler Cutting System, the new 60V walk-behind mower not only has the power to shred through anything, including long wet grass, it optimizes the cutting process to deliver an exceptional mulching and bagging experience. The Recycler Cutting System directs grass clippings deep into the turf to provide a just bagged appearance without the hassle of clipping collection and disposal. A wide opening and ramped tunnel profile makes quick work of clipping disposal.

Easily customize your cut with heights ranging from 1 inch to 4.5 inch. in increments of a half-inch.

Hit a rogue root, a stone, a branch or another object lying hidden in the turf? No worries. Our engineers designed the Toro 60V mower for maximum life and durability. Front spring arms are contained within the wheels for enhanced protection, and the crankshaft protector provides support to prevent damage from blade impact.

By the way, don’t let the notion of a battery mower fuel you. We don’t make our commercial machines out of cheap plastic. No sir. We use the same time-tested, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy heavy-duty cutting deck as our traditional heavy-duty 21-inch gas line-up for a superior cut year after year. Most other battery mowers have a much cheaper, less durable deck. To extend the life of your mowing deck, we have added replaceable steel wear plates that protect against bottom and side impacts.

Stand by Our Reliability: Best Warranty in the Industry. Period.

At Toro, we stand tall and proud behind the quality of our machines. That’s why we offer the best warranties in the business. The Toro comes with two industry-leading warranties: the mower is warrantied for two full years; the 60V battery comes with a one-year commercial warranty***. To minimize your downtime for servicing, Toro has built the most extensive network of authorized Toro dealers and service centers – more than 1,500 locations throughout the United States and Canada – many of whom are independent business owners, like you, who understand the value of hard work, speed and productivity.

Secure Your Toro 60V 921-Inch Heavy-Duty Mower Today

Toro 60V 21-Inch Heavy-Duty walk-behind mower is available only at more than 3,000 authorized independent Toro dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The manufacturer’s suggested promo price is $1,499 USD. To learn more about the all-new Toro 60V 21-Inch Heavy-Duty Mower visit the Toro website.

*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

**Run time varies based on sage conditions. Max run time specs based on light conditions and/or lowest speed settings.

***See retailer for warranty details. 

Andrew Gillman  |  Performance Marketing  |  515-273-2482  |  andrewg@performancemarketing.com
Trina Lundblad  |  Landscape Contractor Equipment  |  952-887-7146  |  trina.lundblad@toro.com
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