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New Steel Bed and GTX Lithium Ion Lifted Model Expand Toro® Workman® Line

Latest options offer class-leading cargo capacity and maintenance-free batteries

Feb 02, 2021  |   Sports Fields & Grounds

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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Campuses, facilities and sports complexes looking for a utility vehicle that can be customized to fit their needs will find two new options in Toro’s Workman® line. The Workman GTX Lithium Ion Lifted model introduced in 2020 combines higher ground clearance with lower maintenance costs, and the just-announced steel bed accessory boasts the most cubic feet of cargo space in its class. These new products add even more options to a lineup that offers hundreds of possible configurations.

The Workman GTX Lithium Ion Lifted has three additional inches (7.6 cm) of ground clearance compared to traditional Workman GTX vehicles. This makes it easier for operators to drive over rough or uneven areas without causing damage and helps reduce the risk of accidentally dragging debris that can gouge the turf.

The lithium-ion technology powering the new Workman GTX Lithium Ion Lifted model is built to deliver as much as 25% more run time when compared to the GTX-E lead acid model. Plus, the vehicle’s lithium-ion power packs are maintenance-free, eliminating expensive scheduled lead-acid battery replacement.

When the vehicle is ready for a charge, there’s a high-efficiency charger on board that’s ready to be connected to any standard power outlet. This model also has the largest cargo capacity of any lithium-ion powered model in its class, so it can handle big jobs.

Modern 12" (30.5 cm) wheels and large 22" (55.9 cm) tires help protect the turf by evenly distributing weight, and the tires feature a tread pattern specially designed for driving over turf. In addition, the lithium-ion power packs are nearly 26% lighter than lead-acid batteries, reducing the machine’s overall weight for less wear and tear on fields and grounds.

Another advantage of the Workman line is its versatility. Crews can do more with a single machine by simply adding attachments and accessories. The new steel bed is the latest addition to Toro’s Workman accessory offering, providing the most cubic feet of cargo space in its class.

Available for all current and former GTX models, the steel bed has the same 800-lb (363 kg) capacity as Toro’s poly bed. It also features water-resistant polyurea bed coating that not only adds sound and vibration damping, but also provides superior environmental and impact protection.

“The Workman line is all about having a versatile, hardworking machine that can handle a lot of different jobs,” said Andrew Ihrke, product marketing manager at Toro. “The Lithium Ion Lifted model addresses the need for a quiet but powerful utility vehicle that can get around in different areas, especially where higher ground clearance is required. And when you add the steel bed, you have a great solution for hauling larger loads of material in fewer trips. The protective bed coating also helps it stand up to heavy use.”

The Workman GTX Lithium Ion Lifted model and the new steel bed accessory are available now.

The entire Workman GTX lineup has been upgraded with enhanced components for an even more comfortable ride, reduced maintenance requirements and reduced noise. To learn more about the complete Workman GTX line, please visit toro.com or follow this link to find a local Toro distributor.

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