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Toro® Introduces New Ground Engaging 21” Battery-Powered Snow Blower at Equip Expo

The 60V Max 21” Power Clear® Self Propel Snow Blower has new Ground Engaging Technology that propels the unit forward, making it easier to push.

Oct 21, 2022  |   Homeowner

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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — The newest professional snow blower from Toro, the 60V Max 21” Power Clear® Self Propel, is here. It’s built with Ground Engaging Technology, a staple feature of gas machines now available for the first time on a Toro battery unit, that propels the unit forward with ease.

“The technology works similarly to a self-propelled mower, helping the operator move the unit along. Essentially, it makes the snow blower easier to maneuver,” says Sean Stebar, product marketing manager at Toro. “Since it doesn’t require as much muscle, the operator can clear the desired area faster.”

The self-propelled function is achieved using ground-engaging paddles that create an all-wheel drive-like experience. The paddles sweep down clear to the pavement, breaking through even the most densely packed snow and gaining steady traction. The professional model features extended-life rubber augers and reinforced handles to stand-up to the rigors of commercial snow throwing.

Benefits of Battery

The Power Clear Self Propel Snow Blower is powered by the rugged 60V Max Flex-Force Power® system, an interchangeable battery that powers an entire family of more than 50 Toro yard tools. Two battery ports are available on the blower, so users can choose whether to use the power of one or two batteries depending on the area of snow they need to throw. Just one battery will clear an area the size of a residential driveway and sidewalk, while two batteries easily tackle larger jobs on a single charge.

Packed with Power

The robust system clears snow in one pass and throws it as far as you need it to. A 3-phase brushless motor with RunSmartTM onboard intel optimizes RPMs and torque for more power and runtime, and a longer tool lifespan. To save even more power, operators can opt for the ECO mode that automatically adjusts the battery usage based on snow throwing needs.

Additional features

The 60V Max 21” Power Clear Self Propel Snow Blower contains more noteworthy features, including:

  • Quick-turn chute controls for precise snow placement
  • Tackles snow up to 9” deep
  • Push-button start that starts the first time, every time
  • Panoramic LED lighting for visibility at all hours
  • Compact, storage-saving construction

To learn more about Toro’s newest snow blower built for the pros, or additional 60V snow blower models, please visit toro.com.

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