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New Dingo Additions Cement Toro as Most Comprehensive CUL Offering for Contractors, Rental Stores and DIYers

CUL Category pioneer offers a Dingo® for any application

Oct 31, 2023  |   Professional Contractor  |   Rental  |   Construction

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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (October 18, 2023) — Whether customers need wheels or tracks, gas, diesel or electric, radial and vertical lifting or telescoping arms, or specific attachments, there’s a Toro® Dingo that’s right for the job. With the addition of the new eDingo® 500 to its lineup earlier this year, Toro now boasts a dozen variations of the popular compact utility loader (CUL) equipment class.

“Toro shook up the industry when we brought the first Dingo to North America a quarter-century ago,” says Sam Dando, senior product marketing manager at Toro. “Since then, we’ve established the compact utility loader as an essential tool on every job site and we’ve never stopped innovating the Dingo portfolio. That translates to the broadest, most all-encompassing lineup of compact utility loaders on the market today.

Toro has continued to set and raise the standard for compact utility loaders by listening to the wants and needs of our end-users. We build specialized equipment to meet the specific needs of the jobsite — from inventing the tracked CUL category with the Dingo TX 420 more than 20 years ago, to pioneering the vertical lift 1000-pound rated operating capacity class with the TX 1000 in 2015 and introducing the first compact track loader with telescoping arms.

“Customer feedback even helped us develop and patent our industry-favorite, intuitive controls. The controls reduce operator fatigue by requiring less physical effort to operate than traditional manual CUL controls, a crucial factor during long hours of operation. Plus, these controls offer intuitive, precise motion, ensuring that the Dingo responds accurately to the operator's commands, enabling it to move precisely in the desired direction, even when reversing,” says Dando. “The fact of the matter is we’ve been doing this longer than any competitive CUL brand out there and we will continue to find creative and effective solutions for contractors everywhere.”

End users can choose from a variety of Dingo configurations, not to mention more than 35 attachments to help get the job done. When it comes to finding the right Dingo for your job, it comes down to matching the model’s size, capacity and reach to your applications. Here’s a look at Toro’s full line of Dingo models and how they compare:

Next Generation eDingo® 500

Toro’s newest Dingo is specifically designed for indoor construction and demolition. The new, compact design is now capable of fitting through even the tightest of doorways with a narrow width of 30”, yet still boasts a rated operating capacity of 515 lbs., and 6.5 GPM hydraulic flow. It also boasts a hinge pin height of 81”, which allows for clearing into most standard dumpsters. Featuring Toro’s patented HyperCell® Power System and proprietary battery management system (BMS), this machine delivers up to 8 hours of continuous runtime on a single charge. The electric-drive motor also makes it a quiet option for jobsites with noise restrictions — like schools or hospitals.

  • Rated operating capacity: Up to 515 lbs. (233.6 kg)
  • Machine width: 30 in (76 cm)
  • Powertrain: Toro HyperCell Power System

Dingo 320-D

This wheeled, ride-on, diesel unit is built to offer serious power and effortless maneuverability. At 41.5” wide (or 35" with narrow tires), this Dingo can easily fit through standard fence gates. It's packed with 3250 psi and 10.8 gpm of hydraulic power and a 20-hp, liquid-cooled, Kubota® engine. It includes the Toro-designed 4-Paw, independent 4-wheel drive system which directs hydraulic flow and pressure to all wheels at all times to reduce the chances of getting stuck.

  • Rated operating capacity: 524 lbs. (237.6 kg)
  • Machine width: 41 in (103 cm)
  • Engine: 20 hp (14.9 kW ) Kubota D722 diesel

Dingo 323

This model sports many of the same, proven features as the 320D but with a 23-hp Kohler gasoline engine. Similar to the 320-D, the 323 model includes adjustable thigh support, enhancing operator comfort and control. Operators rest comfortably against the support pad, which reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

  • Rated operating capacity: 515 lbs. (233.6 kg)
  • Machine width: 41 in (103 cm)
  • Engine: 25 hp (18.6 kW) Kohler Command gasoline engine

Dingo TX 427

The narrow-tracked TX 427 was introduced more than 20 years ago as the first tracked CUL model available in North America and has proven itself over and over again. The loader features a robust 27-hp Kohler® gas engine that delivers added torque for increased pulling and digging force. This machine comes standard with a heavy-duty 2-stage air cleaner that offers superior dust and dirt filtration, even when the engine is working in the harshest environments.

  • Rated operating capacity: 535 lbs. (242.6 kg)
  • Machine width: 33.7 in (85.5 cm)
  • Engine: 27 hp (20 kW) Kohler gas

Dingo TX 525 Narrow & Wide

The TX 525 wide- and narrow-track compact utility loaders feature a 25-hp Kubota diesel engine for added torque and hydraulic flow in a compact design. Providing power in the toughest soil conditions by pumping 24 hydraulic hp to the attachment. It features four independent hydraulic pumps to deliver 16.9 gpm of flow to each track, 13.8 gpm to the auxiliary, and 6 gpm to the loader arm.

  • Rated operating capacity: 553 lbs. (250.8 kg)
  • Machine width: 33.7 in (86.5 cm) narrow track model / 41 in (104 cm) wide track model
  • Engine: 25 hp (18.6 kW) Kubota D902 diesel

Dingo TX 700 Narrow & Wide
Designed to give you more power in a compact package, the TX 700 models expand labor savings beyond just homeowner projects. These no-nonsense workhorses pack 764 lbs. of rated operating capacity in a smaller footprint, so they are ideal for projects where homeowners and contractors are working in confined spaces. It also features patented, easy-to-use Dingo traction controls. A dedicated stand-on platform offers increased operator comfort and visibility.

  • Rated operating capacity: 764 lbs. (346.5 kg)
  • Machine width: 34.2 in (87 cm) narrow track model / 41 in (105 cm) wide track model
  • Engine: 25 hp (18.6 kW) Yanmar® diesel

Dingo TX 1000 Narrow & Wide
With a class-leading rated operating capacity and increased reach at full height, the TX 1000 provides users the ultimate working advantage. The 81” hinge pin height allows attachments to easily clear the side of standard-sized dump trucks while the high-drive track system enhances performance on virtually any surface — even sand or loose gravel. Plus, it features an impressive vertical lift capability and Toro’s patented, intuitive controls. With a rated operating capacity of over 1,000 lbs., the Dingo TX 1000 helps operators maximize productivity on jobs where more lifting capacity is needed.

  • Rated operating capacity: Over 1,000 lbs. (453.5 kg)
  • Machine width: 34.2 in (87 cm) narrow track model / 41 in (104 cm) wide track model
  • Engine: 25 hp (18.6 kW) Kubota D1305 diesel

Dingo TX 1300
The TX 1300 brings a new combination of power, reach and convenient control to the Toro Dingo lineup. When you have a lot of material to move, this machine provides the power to do it efficiently. This Dingo features an exclusive INTELESCOPE® loader arm with SmartLoad technology, giving the operator an additional 26” of reach. An impressive hinge-pin height of over 9’ allows for loads to be lifted up and over the side of a dumpster or truck.

  • Rated operating capacity: Up to 1,300 lbs. (589.6 kg)
  • Machine width: 46 in (117 cm )
  • Engine: 37 hp (27.6 kW) Yanmar diesel

TXL 2000 Telescoping

As the first CUL in North America to boast a rated operating capacity of 2,000 lbs, the TXL 2000 model is still the only CUL of its size to feature a telescoping arm design. This CUL can easily handle the work of larger machines. Adding the Toro-exclusive patented telescoping arms allow users to reach farther and dig below grade without moving the machine. With a telescoped hinge pin height over 10’ with 44” of telescoped reach, operators can backfill behind a retaining wall, dump material into the center of a full-size dump truck, and offload both rows of a flatbed truck from one side with ease. The stand-on platform makes it easy for operators of different sizes to jump on and off the machine instead of getting into and out of a cab. This design also allows 360-degree visibility of the jobsite with no need for a backup camera.

  • Rated operating capacity: Up to 2,000 lbs. (907 kg)
  • Machine width: 55 in (140 cm)
  • Engine: 49.6 hp (37 kW) Kubota D1803 diesel

The robust Toro Dingo lineup is unrivaled in the industry, offering operators the best machine and attachment for any job. For more information on Toro’s full line of Dingo compact utility loaders and more than 35 attachment offerings, please visit toro.com/dingo.

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