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Toro Enhances Multi Pro® Sprayers with GeoLink® Precision Spray System

Jan 22, 2024  |   Golf


BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Since its introduction to the Multi Pro® line in 2015, GeoLink® Precision Spray has helped maximize efficiency and deliver exceptional coverage by utilizing GPS technology to map out precise spraying locations. New in 2024, Toro is excited to announce necessary advancements in GeoLink Precision Spray to improve accuracy and make the Multi Pro Sprayers easier for crews to use.
GeoLink Precision Spray is Toro’s exclusive turf-based GPS spray system that tracks the sprayer’s precise location for repeatable mapping. If an operator covers previously sprayed ground, GeoLink Precision Spray automatically turns individual nozzles on and off to avoid the risk of overapplying. With the single-nozzle level of control, superintendents can minimize overspray, which contributes to significant reductions in overall application costs. 
New global modern technology automatically connects to the best cell signal on the property, regardless of the carrier. The brand-new display is 40% larger than the previous model and includes day and night models for increased visibility in sunlight. The productivity enhancing GeoLink Autosteer feature ensures the optimal next pass is followed, making the most efficient use of your sprayer. Standard on Multi Pro 5800 models, the ExcelaRate® control system lets crews calibrate and save their two most used flow rates for simple, repeatable accuracy.
The GeoLink Precision Spray System truly puts precision at the top of the priority list. With the improved system, controller and section valves accurately turn individual nozzle sections on and off based on the location of the machine for precise application. This technology is now capable of tracking twice as many satellite constellations for highly accurate real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning. It also has a fallback feature that maintains accuracy if RTK is lost temporarily.
To learn more about the Multi Pro Sprayer with GeoLink Precision Spray System, contact your local distributor, go to toro.com or dial 1-844-GeoLink.

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