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Toro Showcases Performance Series Nozzles for INFINITY® and Flex800™ Sprinklers at GCSAA Conference and Trade Show

Jan 31, 2024  |   Golf

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BLOOMINGTON, MN – Toro is excited to debut its latest advancement in golf course irrigation heads, the Performance Series Nozzle, at the 2024 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show. This lineup of nozzles for both INFINITY® and Flex800™ Sprinklers is the next evolution in precise water delivery.

“Toro takes a holistic view of the golf course, seeking to offer solutions that provide uniformity, versatility and efficiency,” says Andy Strother, product marketing manager at Toro. “The redesigned Performance Series Nozzles are the uniformity piece of that puzzle. The newly refined offering creates increased water distribution uniformity on the course, which combined with sprinkler and nozzle versatility ultimately results in even greater efficiency.”

When it came to the design of the updated Performance Series Nozzles, the product team at Toro emphasized an optimization for common sprinkler spacing and performance over a range. With a streamlined offering, Toro was able to simplify the design process and apply one model color for each main nozzle to optimize installation and water delivery.

Additionally, with the introduction of the new offering of nozzles, irrigation consultants are now able to easily connect the nozzle sets with their respective performance data. With easy-to-understand, color-coded charts and corresponding performance files, designers will be able to run virtual sprinkler performance analysis to better understand the irrigation needs at a course-specific level, allowing for better decision making in the design phase, maximizing efficiency.

While the physical footprint of a nozzle may be small, the role it plays on the course is huge. With Performance Series Nozzles, users can feel confident that they have the right nozzle sets for their irrigation needs and that they are applying exactly the right amount of water where and when it is needed. Toro golf rotors also include the ability to adapt and customize nozzles to the golf course environment, further enhancing irrigation efficiency.

“Improving upon the nozzles that our customers know and love aids in overall course uniformity,” says Strother. “And that means enabling irrigation efficiency for improved conditions across the course, achieved with less water use.”

For more information on Performance Series Nozzles, please visit toro.com.

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